From our Angels…

Sydney Elise was our baby, headed for second grade. In her short life, she made friends easily, the closest being Lexi and Erica.

In typical girly-girl fashion, the Disney princesses ruled her life from the decor of her bedroom to her choice of fashion. Even so, she was seven going on seventeen, mimicking her teenage sisters by saying, “What the blank!” (We had to giggle every time, after a quick reprimand.)

Our sweet, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little “pumpkin pie” can never be replaced.

Jacob Scott was a ten-year-old, soon-to-be fifth grader. He was the third child and the only boy. He was liked by everyone he met. Soft spoken in crowds and intelligent beyond words, to the point that his grandfather called him “professor.”

He was a typical boy who gave 100% in soccer and spent his free time playing video games with his friends, J.P. and Reed. Our favorite boy, who teased his older sisters and protected little sister Sydney, had so much to offer the world. He will be forever missed.

…to Yours

The tragic loss of our beloved angels, Jacob and Sydney, has left voids in the hearts of many. We hope to fill that void by blessing the lives of others.

We are grateful for our generous community members who have supported this cause.

Love you always,

Your Family